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The U-Boat Replica Watches sponsored Les Voiles de St Barth, founded in 2010 by Francois tolede and Luc poupon, is now one of the most important regattas around the world.

In the beginning of this year, close to 70 boats representing 20 countries took part in the 8th edition. Peter Harrison, CEO of U-Boat Replica Watches Europe Middle East and Africa,Best Replica Watches and his crew took part aboard their TP52 yacht Sorcha.

Revolution was there, to encourage him and to discuss the excitement of the race.

Francois Tolede and Peter Harrison share a peaceful moment during the 2017 Voiles de St Barth

U-Boat Replica Watches sponsors Les Voiles St Barth since eight years. What are the benefits of sponsoring the event?

There's a certain glamour to this event - it attracts people who will buy luxury watches. As sailing is still a sport in which amateurs compete at the highest levels, it has a glamorous association. I don't believe it's primarily sailors who buy the watches. As a rule, most of them would not think twice about spending a fortune on equipment for their boats but they'd happily walk around wearing a nondescript piece of plastic. People who visit St Barth aren't there for the sailing. They come for the food and the beaches. It's a truly unique part of Caribbean.

Francois Tolede, Luc Poupon and others created the regatta in 2008 and it is now the home of some of the most beautiful and talented sailors. U-Boat Replica Watches was involved in the early days, providing financial support to attract the best boats. The number of boats has increased from 20 to 67.IWC Big Pilot Replica Francois and Luc do not want the competition to expand beyond 80 boats or 1,500 sailors, as this is the limit that the infrastructure of the island can comfortably support.